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Chu Shaoyan said bluntly: "Mr. Wu, I remember you once said that the will of Nangong Dong can be made public after his death. Just now we got the exact news that Nangong Dong passed away in the Sakura Club in the early morning. So we now I would like to ask you to make a formal and legally binding announcement of Dong Nangong’s will.” ... mortgage interest rates as of today

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15 fixed mortgage rates - california mortgage rates today . Chu Shaoyan didn't move rashly, and dodged to a relatively hidden place. After all the enemies came up, he flashed out from behind the enemy like a demon, raised his dagger and rushed towards him, piercing the enemy's heart with a sharp blade. The hit hit, and then the blood hole was stirred up, and then he pulled out and threw himself at the second person! |.

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Chu Shaoyan could only smile wryly, and suddenly felt a slight movement under his feet, and looked down, this girl was actually knotting his shoelaces! .

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Wang Zhenghe said: "Where is Li Yiqian who was sent to you to be imprisoned this afternoon? Director Ye of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has something to ask him." ...

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"Could it be him?" Chu Shaoyan's eyes lit up, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

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As soon as this remark came out, all the "celebrities" present were in an uproar and criticized one after another, but Wu Huijun's eyes showed a gleam of appreciation.

After half a minute, the child's breathing began to recover, and then he cried out with a wow.

Chu Shaoyan's heart suddenly fluctuated violently, staring at this beautiful woman who was infatuated with him, his eyes showed a slight pain.

"Shaoyan, did you know last night?"

"Sorry, parking is not allowed here, please show your driver's license!" Jiangcheng's No. 1 beautiful policeman saluted a fairly standard salute, and then stepped forward.

Chu Shaoyan quickly walked over and dragged the fur to the cedar, Shangguan Zetian stood up from above and jumped onto the rock man's back, holding his neck tightly with both hands and laughing: "Shaoyan, you just caused a hole in my neck. It snowed so much, it was so cold!"

After Shangguan Zetian answered casually, he turned to look at him, and said, "How about I ask her?"

From his stern eyes, Chu Shaoyan saw a kindness towards the younger generation. Although this expression flashed by, it warmed his heart. He nodded firmly and said: "Yes, thank you, Secretary Luo, for your guidance. "Secretary Luo, I thought we could use the flower splitting strategy to peel off the enemy's peripheral forces layer by layer until the final blow kills us!"

Chu Shaoyan replied helplessly: "Then what do you say?"

Everyone's expressions changed slightly again, and the atmosphere at the scene became more dignified. .

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Chu Shaoyan didn't hesitate anymore, he opened a snow pit, bent down and hid in it, and then his two hands were filled with true energy, digging a passage under the snow like a mole. .

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