where'd you get that small loan of a million dollars
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【if you get a small loan and pay it back early does it help your credit 】 "I just want to know, if you were put in my current position, how would you deal with Zhang Haohai?" Ye Tianhe asked casually. 。

I don't know how long it took, Ye Ruoxi's crying became quieter, and then she slowly raised her head, looking at Chu Shaoyan with dull eyes, as if she was talking to herself or asking Chu Shaoyan: "Dad dead, what should I do?"

While eating and chatting, we talked about work again.

Zhao Feifei stared: "Really?"

Returning without success last night, the five search and rescue team members were puzzled. Even if a person was taken away by a wild animal, at least there would be bloodstains. I couldn’t see clearly at night, but I could see every detail during the day. Clearly.

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"I don't have a weapon in my hand." Chu Shaoyan raised his hand higher, so that the special police could see clearly.
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Chu Shaoyan nodded helplessly, then watched Liu Yongshui leave the room. I don't know how long it took, Chu Shaoyan fell asleep in a daze, and fell asleep until noon the next day. After eating at noon, it was the same as yesterday, and he still chatted with the two girls for a while, and after the two left, he was left alone in a daze.
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After leaving the manager's office, he saw Zhao Feifei at the front desk not far away looking over here, so Qian Shan smiled and walked over there.
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The eyes of the big man in the lead were red, and when he saw Chu Shaoyan's half-kneeling body, he said a few words coldly through his teeth: "Today, you must die!" rushed up.
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As Chu Shaoyan became the president of the Sanlian Association in a legitimate name, after attending Chu Shaoyan's inauguration ceremony, the branch leaders of the Sanlian cities left the harbor one after another, and the site of the dead old fellow, Chu Shaoyan Handed it over to Hall Master Xie Lei.
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Afterwards, Caso cut off the connection with Mike, connected to Vincent, and issued the same order.
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Qian Shan put his things away, changed into dry clothes after washing, and then walked outside.
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Now it is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Zhou is already a celebrity in the medical circle of Baodao, rather than an unknown country doctor. All of this is because Guan Nuoxue's discerning eyes discovered that without her, Dr. Zhou might not be able to stay. He lived a simple life in the small town of his hometown.
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