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【hunting ranch small business loan 】 Jing Mo wore a mask, his true face was hidden, but Su Ran's expression was not relaxed. 。

"What? The human-controlling spores that Xingyan Gu placed at the entrance of Duantian Yuan discovered the terrifying Gu master with a sword in his hand?" Su Ran was slightly startled.

Wu Shanyou shouted: "Thirteenth son, I suspect that Su Ran is not a rank one Gu Immortal, Su Ran has killed a rank two Gu Immortal, I suspect he is a rank two Gu Immortal, I need to test his natal Gu!"

Wasn't the divine Gu Dao created by the inheritors of Minggu Mountain...?

One claw and one punch, directly facing.

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"Don't dare." Patriarch Heishan returned the Overlord's Halberd.
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And Zongzu, together with Gong Jiuhuang, can be regarded as the number two figure in the Central Territory!
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The two natal Gu were hit hard again and again.
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To escape, he can only flee to the strange sea, and he will definitely be followed by a large number of people. During this period of time in the savage domain, the traces cannot be hidden. At that time, it is very likely that Juyue, the Gu controller, and the Gu master will surround him. If you can't be idle, it is better to seize the time to improve your strength.
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"The lava man..."
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He also forcibly made some patterns between the main moon and the dry moon, connecting the two crescents together, which looks like a stamp of a month, but it looks a bit strange.
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There are a lot of poisonous Gu and healing Gu in each square sky bag, even the ninth grade mythical healing Gu.
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This is a newborn crescent imprint, very small.
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