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【how do you buy down a mortgage rate 】 Everyone gasped in unison, a little frightened, no wonder they were able to defeat six with one, so they were about to become immortals. 。

As for the ten shadow guards finding the fastest passage through the corrosion fog area at the cost of their lives, this must be false, and Wan Gulou's ability to explore the inheritance place is a must.

Illusory Immortal Gu activated Insect Skill Hidden Blink, and with Flying Immortal Gu greatly suppressing the Gu controller's strength, they carried out blood phoenixes to carry out ruthless massacres.

Su Ran would not contact Qin Nei Immortal Gu rashly, if the other party suddenly attacked, the situation would be very bad.

Of course, the protective shield is not harmless. Every punch of the two of them is consuming the domain power in Su Ran's crescent imprint. If the domain power in the crescent imprint is exhausted, the Jiuyue ban will be broken naturally.

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Su Ran's gaze turned to the Illusory Immortal Gu.
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I don't know if it can be done.
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The divine fruit is the enlightenment fruit, the strange spirit refers to the red black man, the earth spirit is the lava man, and the secret spirit fruit is naturally the enlightenment fruit that was polluted by black traces after the death of the red black man.
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Because it fell into the abyss, and there were a large number of red black men under the abyss, the lava man chasing Su Ran was directly entangled by the red black men.
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The real advantage of the Gu controller is not in strength, but in controlling people, but in using savages to change the main body at will. There are no savages here for the Gu controller to fight a protracted war.
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Since the domineering inheritance area is near Su Ran, and Su Ran doesn't need to worry about the fog, after two quarters of an hour of continuous searching, Su Ran found the domineering inheritance area.
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Su Ran secretly exclaimed, the black technology of the Demon Heart Sect... so many!
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The deputy palace master said in a deep voice: "It will be successful. After many investigations, Su Ran is not bad to the people around him, just like a girl playing the piano named Ziyi in Qushang City, she doesn't have a deep friendship with Su Ran. He was specially rescued by him and returned to the house.
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