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  • HTR-FR PVC Cables

    Standard Electricals have always prioritized safety while delivering first grade products. Heatshield HTR FR cables are high temperature resistant and flame retardant cables that have been made using special technology rated for 10 % higher current carrying capacity. These heat resistant wires can sustain high temperature rise even during the worst overloading conditions. The Heatshield HTR FR cables by Standard work brilliantly to keep your circuits and appliances safe, for longer.

  • Higher Size FR PVC Cables

    The Higher Size FR PVC Cables by Standard are known for their high insulation and flame retardant properties. Manufactured in accordance with IS: 8130 using high-quality copper, these flexible cables are meant for power supply and in-house electrification of almost all electronic equipments like fans, lights, etc.

  • FR-LSH PVC Cables

    Standard’s Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen Cables (FR-LSH) range of cables is exceptionally developed for commercial buildings like high rise offices, shopping malls, cinema halls, hospitals, etc, and particularly, for places where exits and ventilation is restricted. In case of fires, such buildings get the most casualties due to suffocation and non-visibility which happens due to burning of PVC (while burning, PVC produces lot of black smoke, and toxic gases like halogen). Seeing the requirement to make such wires, FR-LSH PVC Cables were developed after extensive research and innovation with high insulation and self-extinguishing properties. These cables are made from specially formulated PVC polymers that control the toxic gases and smoke, which makes them eco-friendly and exceptionally safe to use.

  • Multicore round cables

    Standard Electricals produces high-quality Multicore Round Cables for different industrial and domestic applications, including air-conditioners, refrigerators and motors. Besides utilizing premium quality copper, these cables also have specially formulated PVC for higher insulation and sheath for better flexibility.

  • Flat submersible cables

    Flat Submersible Cables range by Standard is a specialized product designed for use in underground, under-water, or on wet surface. Made in accordance with IS: 8130 specifications, these cables have excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Their outer sheath is made of high abrasion resistant PVC, making them unreceptive to grease, oil and water. In short, Standard’s Submersible Cables are crafted with advanced technology to perform efficiently for long time.

  • Co-Axial TV Cables

    Co-Axial Cables are crafted using innovative technology, to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion which makes them apt for cable TV and computer networking. The Co-Axial cables are gas injected polyethylene insulated and alloy braided with petroleum jelly. Moreover, these cables have solid annealed bare copper conductor and are overall PVC sheathed which makes them long-lasting.

  • Telecom switch board cables

    Telecom Switchboard Cables by Standard Electricals are made in accordance with TEC specifications G/WIE-06/02, and customer requirements. These cables have solid annealed tinned/bare copper conductor, PVC insulated cores suitably colour coded for distinct identification, and are shielded to protect from outside/inter pair interference. Standard’s Telecom Switchboard Cables utilizes hard grade PVC which gives them durability, and stable properties. The telecom cables can be used for indoor telephones, telephone exchanges, satellite telecommunication systems, industrial plant communication systems, EPBAX system, and various other equipments involving telephones.

  • LAN Cables

    STANDARD Networking Cables allows device to access high-speed networks / Internet data. These cables having Exceptional material properties and cable design have features like High ACR values-providing low BER (Bit Error-Rate), Maximum noise immunity, Exceeds cat 6 Best transmission performance, Cable supports frequencies up to 250 MHz.

  • CCTV Cables

    STANDARD CCTV cables are designed to optimize the quality of video signals, which are transmitted through the Coaxial cable in the CCTV. The Coaxial cable consists of solid annealed bare copper conductor of electrolytic grade which is insulated with foamed dielectric, aluminium foil taped, jelly flooded, braided with AI. Alloy and then jacketed with UV PVC. Topmost quality of construction of coaxial cable in STANDARD CCTV cables ensures distortion free video signals and thus a clear picture over complete low frequency bandwidth of transmission in such applications. The Impedance of Coaxial Cable Is 75 Ohms. which matches the CCTV equipment. This matching ensures adequate signal strength, no reflection and best picture quality.

  • Speaker Cables

    “STANDARD” twin parallel Speaker cables are manufactured with multi wire, bright annealed flexible bare electrolytic grade copper conductor, each core designed to easy identification with Insulation of specially formulated and in house manufactured FR (Fire Retardant) PVC compound with high value of oxygen and temperature index.



No matter where you go, you’ll find wires and cables everywhere. In fact, if we look around, we can make out that we are surrounded with electrical products, wires and cables, in the form of mobile phones, laptops, chargers, TV, speakers, lamps and what not. So, technically, these flexible cables and wires have become an integral part of our living. Standard Electricals is a trusted name for electrical products in India. It manufactures an extensive range of power cables intended for different applications.

Talking particularly about the flexible cables, these PVC insulated cables are widely used in both internal and external electrification. The range of wires, available in different lengths and sizes, by Standard Electricals include High temperature flame retardant (HTR FR) cables, flame retardant low smoke & halogen (FR-LSH) cables, round multicore cables, flat submersible cables, telecom switch board cables, CCTV cables, LAN cables, speaker cables, and co-axial TV cables.

Besides its quality electrical products, Standard Electricals manufactures equally good wires and cables which are heat resistant, flame retardant, highly insulated, non-toxic, and lead & halogen free. The PVC insulated cables have been manufactured with the utmost precision in automated machines for the optimum performance. Available in different core configurations and lengths, the range of flexible cables is made considering the current limitations and safety regulations required in India.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the best of flexible cables – including flat submersible cables, CCTV co-axial cables, LAN cables, CCTV cables, speaker cables, multicore round cables and flame retardant HTR FR and FR-LSH cables – from Standard Electricals and get them delivered anywhere in India.