Get Amazed with the Stylish Aesthetics of Amazer Fan

If you talk about the most common cooling appliance used across the world, the answer would definitely be fans. Yes, the fans which come in different shapes, styles, colors and sizes to serve the common purpose of cooling the surrounds. Since the time electricity has emerged on the scene, fans have influenced the lives of people in the most captivating manner. Like everything, they too have evolved throughout this period, and from the plain ones, they have succeeded to manage the garb of stylish ones with elegance.
Long gone are the days when people used to settle on the basic fans with the thought that who looks at the ceiling. Nowadays, when everything needs to have the designer labels, fans too need to makeover their plain-looking appearance. Considering the need of the hour, Standard Electricals – a name that speaks for itself in the world of electrical products – infused their know-how in creating decorative ceiling fans which look stylish without compromising on the performance.
With the intention to glam up your ceiling, Standard has created a masterpiece in the form of Amazer – a fan that boasts of stylish aesthetics along with brilliant performance. This elegant ceiling fan is crafted using the most advanced technology, featuring the long lasting paint finish. Available in three colour options of Rainbow Ivory, Expresso Brown and Indigo Blue, the Amazer has a powerful motor that ensures amazing air delivery in every corner of your room.
The Amazer has got metallic finish blades and body ring with trim which lends it a spell binding look. Its perfect sweep size of 1200mm together with 400 rpm offers air delivery of 235 m³ per minute. With 260mm downrod length, it is perfect for a room with an average height ceiling. With 76 W of power consumption at rated voltage of 220-240 V along with 50 Hz of rated frequency, the Amazer again amazes us with its minimal energy consumption while delivering high performance even at a low voltage.
In succinct terms, the Amazer by Standard Electricals is a complete package wherein you get style, performance along with savings. Moreover, it also comes with a two-year warranty to keep you at ease in case of breakdown. So, if you’ve to buy a ceiling fan for your cocoon, get an Amazer which will never cease to amaze you with its amazing looks and performance!

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