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    These highly flexible 10 sq. mm, 16 sq. mm, 25 sq. mm, 35 sq. mm, 50 sq. mm, 70 sq. mm & 95 sq. mm wires are available in packaging of 100 m

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Higher Size FR PVC Cables

Made in India, the flexible cables by Standard Electricals are marked by their heat and fire resistant properties. The Higher Size FR PVC Cable range of flexible cables features plain annealed copper conductor for better conductivity. Their PVC sheath provides great insulation and protection against electrical hazards. Available in White, Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Grey and Blue color options, the Higher Size FR PVC Cables (FR) Cables are one of the best flexible cables in India.

Get the best protection against heat and fire with Standard’s flame retardant cables! The Heatshield FR Cables are best used for internal electrification and power supply to all electrically operated equipments, like fans, lights, appliances, etc. Made in accordance with IS:694, these power cables are CPRI-certified and feature high-insulation. These are essentially low leakage-current cables with a current leakage limit not more than 0.75 mA.

Built considering the current ratings and electrical requirements in India, the range of Heatshield FR cables is absolutely safe, reliable and suitable for various domestic and industrial applications. The flame retardant cables are available in the size range of 10 sq. mm to 95 sq. mm in single core. These wires give extra protection against fire, overload, low voltage and atmospheric changes. Install the range of Heatshield FR cables for different applications and ensure protection even under adverse circumstances.

Bring home the best wires and cables from Standard Electricals and experience the matchless performance!