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  • Flat three core submersible cables

    Flat three core submersible cables

    Get 3 core submersible cables that boast of good insulation even under water.

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Flat Submersible Cables

Usage of electrical appliances calls for protection, and protection becomes all the more important when you’re using these electrical appliances along with water. Keeping in mind the requirement of flexible cables for submersible pumps and motors, Standard Electricals has crafted high-quality flat submersible cables which are suitable to be used underground, under water, or on wet surface. Since the area of installation is physically restrictive, these submersible power cables pose good insulation properties when submerged in water.

In India, Standard Electricals is a trustworthy brand for electrical products. Its flat submersible cables are the best due to their excellent mechanical & electrical properties. Made using the best quality material, these power cables consist of highly abrasion resistant PVC sheath impervious to grease, oil, water, etc. Ensure protection against electrical hazards, like short- circuit, current leakage, etc, with these safe, reliable and durable flat submersible cables by Standard!

Since protection is paramount while using any electrical product, be it wires, cables or appliances; Standard Electricals has designed its products keeping the safety of users and infrastructure in mind. And flat submersibles cables are no different when it’s about safety and reliability. Available in 3-core with sizes ranging from 1.5 sq. mm to 35 sq. mm, the flat submersible cables by Standard are amongst the best power cables for submersible use in India.

So, what are you waiting for? Get flat submersible power cables from Standard Electricals and enjoy amazing performance of your motors and pumps year after year!