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  • Multicore round cables 2 core

    Multicore round cables 2 core

    These 2 core cables are highly efficient and suitable in various applications.

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  • Multicore round cables 3 core

    Multicore round cables 3 core

    These 3 core cables are available in different colors and in 100 m packaging.

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  • Multicore round cables 4 core

    Multicore round cables 4 core

    With a 4 core configuration, these cables are available in 100 m packaging.

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Multicore Round Cables

The usage of electrical appliances calls for safety and protection. And to ensure best protection, the first thing that should be taken care of is cables. Flexible cables that are made of high quality material following the best industrial standards ensure protection of the people, switchgear and appliances as well. Standard Electricals is a leading brand for wires, cables, switchgear and electronic products in India.

In its range of flexible cables, the brand offers high quality Multicore Round Cables with copper conductor for different industrial and domestic applications, such as, air-conditioners, refrigerators, motors, etc. Manufactured in India, the Multicore Round Cables feature specially formulated PVC for insulation and sheath for better flexibility. These fire retardant cables are available in 100 m length with 2 core, 3 core and 4 core configurations.

Standard Electricals’ Multi Core Cables provide enhanced protection against fire, overload, low voltage and atmospheric changes. Thus, these power cables are perfect to be installed in heavy-duty electrical machines and equipments. To ensure human protection and safety of the environment, these fire resistant PVC insulated flexible cables are absolutely fire retardant, lead free, halogen free and non-toxic.

As wires act as the first level of protection when it’s about electrical hazards in homes, offices or industries, it is important to invest in good quality of cables to ensure protection against such threats. Crafted considering the atmospheric changes in India, these Multicore Round FR PVC Insulated Flexible Cables don’t heat up and work efficiently even under pressure. Utilize in different applications and experience unparalleled performance with multi core cables from Standard Electricals!