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FR-LSH Blue90 m (1.0 sq. mm) WSFFFNBA11X0

Imported by: Havells India Ltd

Country of Origin: India

MRP Rs.: rupee 2190.00(incl. of all taxes)
(Net Quantity : 1 N)


  • Energy cables for internal electrification and power supply to all electrical operated equipments (eg. Fans/Lights/ Appliances etc).

  • FR-LSH PVC Cables upto 1.1 kV grade as per IS:694.

  • 1.0 sq. mm to 6.0 sq. mm in single core and for above sizes in single & multi cores on request.

  • Superior protection for human safety

Product Description *Under Standard in house labratory test conditions

After extensive research, the Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen (FR-LSH) range of cables is created using specially formulated PVC polymers which restrict toxic gases and smoke, especially for fire prone and highly dense areas like high rise offices, commercial complexes, schools, shopping malls, cinema halls, hospitals, etc. These cables feature high insulation, high temperature index and self extinguishing properties which make them exceptionally safe to use. Standard’s range of Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen (FR-LSH) cables can be used for supplying power to all electrically operated equipments and for the purpose of internal electrification.

Specification *Under Standard in house labratory test conditions

TYPEFlame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen
CORESingle Core
SIZE1.0 sq. mm


High Conductivity
These flexible cables have industrial grade copper conductor which is more than 99.95 % pure and therefore, ensures 101 % conductivity. Being highly conductive, these cables are reliable and ensure no power loss.
Specially Formulated PVC Insulation
The FRLSH cables feature special PVC insulation which restricts toxic gases and smoke, making them absolutely safe and reliable. High grade insulation means low leakage current and safety from electrical shocks.
Environment Friendly
The FR-LSH PVC insulated cables are environment friendly as they emit 50 % less smoke against the specified value of 60 % than similar wires with even lesser amount of corrosive halogen & toxic gases i.e. 16 % against specified value of 20 %.
Superior Protection
These cables provide superior protection against fire, overload, low voltage and atmospheric changes. These environment friendly cables have special formulated PVC insulation which restricts toxic gases and smoke, and thus, offer enhanced protection for the human well-being.
Self-Extinguishing Properties
Due to its self-extinguishing properties, the wire does not allow the fire to spread which adds to the overall convenience. Its higher oxygen index of 30 % boosts its non combustibility.
Area of Application
The wires can be used in supplying power to all electrically operated equipments and for the purpose of internal electrification in fire-prone and highly-dense areas like schools, shopping malls, theatres, commercial complexes, hospitals, colleges, multiplexes, etc.
High Temperature Resistant
The wires have been developed with special technology which is rated for 10 % higher current carrying capacity with energy saving, extra safety and longer life. These cables can sustain high temperature rise and even worst condition of overloading.
Available in Different Sizes & Lengths
The FR-LSH cables in single core are available in the sizes from 1.0 sq. mm to 6.0 sq. mm , in the packaging of 90 m and 180 m , For above cores and sizes, the cables can be made on request.

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